terms & conditions

Planning and Meeting

As we come to your meeting and plan your project, a startup fee of 1,000SEK 

plus tax will be billed. This fee can be viewed as a reservation and then

counted into the final price if we complete the project. If you decide

not to complete the project, you will be billed a 1,000SEK plus tax.


Travel Expenses

If the travel distance is longer than one hour there and back by car,

there will be a travel cost added.



Before the music is purchased for the project by Weilvision, a free demo

version is used. It will differ in quality from the purchased version.

This is to make sure that you as a customer gets the time to see

if the song fits your vision.


The Drone

Unfortunately, we can not predict the weather so even if the drone is resistant

to heavy winds, it will not be used for rain, snow or minus degrees.



The expiration date is usually after 30 days on invoicing. If the invoice expires

and the payment is not completed, a default interest rate of 24% will be charged.

This expires within seven days, after which the matter will be collected.